Women in Lean

This was our first talk event, exploring ways women are championing Lean in tech and the digital world.


Scrum VS Lean: How we took a Scrum team and made it fully Lean.

First we heard from our very own Abbie Howell, Hen Brand and Kam Matulenaite speaking on Scrum vs. Lean, touching on the ways we’ve been using Lean in software development to suit the team, suit the client, suit the individual: bringing the focus back to the people.

Day in the Life of a Lean Coach.

Sandrine Olivencia, Executive Coach, Founding Partner of LEAN SENSEI PARTNERS, and columnist for Lean Sensei Women, brought bags of energy to the event with an interactive talk on “A Day in the Life of a Lean Coach”. She spoke about the ups and downs of being a Lean coach through anecdotes, touched on some Lean tools and finished on emphasising the importance of Gemba – seeing where the value is added, where the real work is being done in a business.

Agile in Data Science.

Ashley Duqué Kienzle rounded off the event with her talk on using Agile in AI. She taught us about the things that make using agile in AI so difficult; unclean data, bias in ground truths, the need for diverse teams and ethics.

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