The Importance of Mentoring for Women in Tech

A major key to the success of prominent women in tech leadership is having effective mentoring and coaching along their journey.

So this event touched on exactly that: ‘Who pushed you to become the leader you are today, and how?’. Theodo brought together successful women to share their experiences on the importance of mentoring in launching a successful career in leadership.

At Theodo, our motto is fostering the next generation of leaders in tech, but there’s a lot of work to be done to support women further. Just 4.8% of Fortune 500 company leadership positions are held by women.

Mentoring can help you to foster ambition, push you to go out of your comfort zone, and open the doors to a new world of opportunity. This was the beginning of a series of events to bring together women to empower each other and create effective and powerful relationships in leadership development.



Sophie is Head of Operations at Theodo UK. On top of being responsible for finances and improvement of operational processes, she is a coach at Theodo. She drives the progression of people in line with their goals through weekly coaching, using Kaizen as a leadership tool to advance both personal development and long-term business development.


Charlotte is a Product Designer at Facebook. Before joining Facebook, she led Product Design in finance and education startups as well as tech agencies. In her spare time, she builds products, volunteers for IxDA London and mentors tech teams to help them deliver useful experiences. She is particularly interested in leading through influence and leading teams as an individual contributor.


Nicola is Director or Product Development at Junkshon but also holds senior positions within two other companies. Prior to this she was a Transformation Director for a large blue chip company managing multi million dollar global programmes of work. Her passion lies in using her experiences to mentor others in their career and build the leaders of tomorrow.

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