Taking A Different Path Into Tech (with SheCanCode)

On March 31st 2020, we’ve had a webinar featuring our five EMBOLDEN_HER members in a partnership with SheCanCode!

As more and more women enter and excel in the technology industry, it’s clear to us that there are more pathways into tech than ever before.

About the Event

In this webinar, we be discussed:

  • The various routes into tech available to you
  • Available tools and resources
  • Taking inspiration from role models and thought leaders
  • The answers to any questions you might have.

Maybe you’re thinking of studying computer science at university. Or embarking on a coding bootcamp. Perhaps you’re already working in tech, but in a non-tech role.

At SheCanCode, we are on a mission to close the tech gender gap. We want to help even more women enter and transition into tech and so, in partnership with Embolden_Her we’re running our first webinar:

Laura Wiltshire, Head of Talent & Growth at SheCanCode will be hosting a panel of women in tech from Embolden_Her, an initiative set up to bridge the gap between women working in tech to becoming influential leaders in tech.

Hen Brand, Débora Ornellas, Abbie Howell, Sarah Hamilton and Kamile Matulenaite have one thing in common. They are all developers at Theodo UK. But the journeys they took to get where they are now in tech are completely different.

See the SheCanCode article!

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