How to Kickstart Your Career in Tech

In our first event we explored the importance of mentoring for driving women leaders in tech. So now you have a mentor, you’ve placed yourself on the tech career ladder, and are looking for opportunities to progress. But… where do you begin?

One of the biggest hurdles to starting your career in tech is dealing with all of the unknowns:

  • How do you spot opportunity?
  • How do you train yourself to take risks and learn from failure?
  • How do you market yourself as a technical expert?
  • How do you deal with imposter syndrome?

In this panel, we tried to answer some of these questions with the help of women in tech at every stage in their career.


Hen Brand – Theodo

Hen is a full stack web developer at Theodo UK, a software development agency that focuses on delivering successful products in record time. After realising that she was too short to be an Olympic sailor, Hen graduated with a Mathematics degree at the University of Southampton. Hen decided to try her hand at coding and enrolled onto a 9 week coding course at Le Wagon. She enjoyed it so much that she has now been working at Theodo for over a year. Since starting Hen has worked on several projects, has trained new starters and has made contributions to Theodo’s in house project boilerplate.

Emma-Ashley Liles – Kaluza

Emma-Ashley is a senior software engineer at Kaluza, working on the back end for the smart charging devices. She has also worked at 7digital and Skyscanner. She has previously done a lot of volunteering for Stemettes and CAS #include, but has mostly given that up to concentrate on knitting and making her own Jam. She made the website wecanhasdresspockets.comtoo and is a proud Hufflepuff.

Shilpi Saxena Bhatt – Reed Online

Shilpi is the Head of Development at Reed Online, the UK’s first recruitment website. At Reed, Shilpi manages a large team of developers. She previously worked as a QA Manager at Amazon. Her long career has given her a wealth of experience in tech and in being a leader.

Eloise Taylor – Reed Online

Eloise is a highly skilled Senior Software Developer with more than 6 years’ experience in Software Development and is currently also working for Reed Online! Eloise graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University with a 1st in Computing.

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